July 9th, 2014

Kreegah Bundalo

Day Off

Aside from some Day Jobbe stuff and some small shopping necessary to refill our travel supplies, I took most of today off. I'll try to get videos from Westercon posted tomorrow.

We're now considering leaving Friday evening instead of Saturday morning, because I have family and banking business in Yuba City that really needs to be done before noon, plus the logistics of our single night in the Bay Area make it necessary for us to get moving very early. This would work better if we spend the night in Yuba City and do the errands there as soon as possible before heading to Emeryville.

I've made an appointment with my favored mechanic in Fremont that I'll drop my van at his shop on Saturday night (this can be done when nobody is there) and he'll have two weeks to work it into his very busy schedule while we're in Detroit.