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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Friday, July 11th, 2014

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Westercon Fannish Inquistion Video: Portland and San Jose
I did not expect to get up this morning and find that only the first two of the nine Fannish Inquisition videos had uploaded overnight. I canceled the remaining seven uploads. Here are the Portland in 2016 (later selected as Westercon 69) and San Diego (Westercon 68) presentations.

Everyone Expects the Fannish InquisitionCollapse )

The Worldcons' videos are going to have to wait until I get back from NASFiC, I'm afraid. I guess my upload speed is even slower than I thought it was.

Current Mood: accomplished
To Detroit: West to Go East
I worked until pretty late last night on Day Jobbe so that I could get things to where we could leave relatively early this afternoon. Because of some fretting on the SLC trip about maybe not having secured some things we should have secured (in fact, Lisa had done the things, but had forgotten it), we've developed a point-by-point checklist for securing Fernley House. If we do all of the things on the checklist before leaving, we can mostly not fret about having left the propane turned on in the trailer or something like that.

We headed to Reno first and had an early dinner at the Eldorado Buffet (just after they opened for the evening), then headed up and over The Hill and down CA-20 to Yuba City, where we checked in to the hotel. At Lisa's suggestion, we packed an extra one-night-only bag of things into which we'll change tomorrow and then leave some stuff behind in the van. This also includes things we won't need until we get back from Detroit.

Recap: Why We're Going the Wrong WayCollapse )

We had a brief panic in Yuba City when Lisa thought she'd left all of her spare batteries for her white-noise-sounding radio at home. Fortunately, before we rushed back to Fernley (a 300 mile round trip), she found them, just not in the place where she would normally pack them.

I'm glad we're on the move. Planning is good, but there comes a time when you simply want to stop planning and start moving.

Current Mood: sleepy

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