July 25th, 2014

Kevin and Lisa

Bay Day

After sleeping in, we decided that we would take advantage of being here to take care of a number of errands in the Bay Area that Lisa has been meaning to do. We spend the rest of the day running around Fremont and San Jose dealing with some purchases, including picking up a Pelican case for our cameras that should fit that will also fit within carry-on baggage restrictions. But this was pretty boring stuff, and we headed back to the hotel to try and get some rest. Unfortunately, the amount of stuff that piled up while I was traveling and that needed action ASAP was pretty large, and it's taking me hours to get it dealt with. I have no time this weekend to work on it. There's an SFSFC board meeting tomorrow, after which Lisa and I drive home, and unfortunately, I then need to turn around and drive back to the Bay Area in the Rolling Stone and work from there the following week in order to keep my work schedule balanced.
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