July 26th, 2014


Visiting my Home for a Few Hours

We checked out of the hotel in Fremont this morning and headed over to the Depot Cafe for today's SFSFC board of directors meeting. Unfortunately, wires were crossed at the Depot, the people there didn't know we were coming, and the person with the keys to the meeting room was out of town. This led to a rather uncomfortable meeting, including a final half hour kicked out to the outside deck where it was too warm. I guess that was incentive for ending early. (The management has since apologized for the snafu.)

After the meeting, Lisa and I headed home. Lisa drove from Lodi to Sparks, where we had dinner at the Oyster Bar at the Nugget. We got home to Fernley around 9:30 PM and am currently trying to air the place out. Tomorrow morning I have to pack things into the Rolling Stone and drive back down to the Bay Area. That's because in order to keep to my 50/50 work schedule and still make things come out evenly for Lisa and me to fly from SFO to London on August 12, I have to work in the Bay Area this coming week, then home the week after that, then drive Lisa and me to the Bay Area and work for one day down there, then fly out to London. It's all a bit frantic. I'm glad I already loaded some of my work clothes into the RV before the Detroit trip.