July 29th, 2014


Westercon Fannish Inquisition Videos: Worldcons & Worldcon Bids

I finally was in one place with sufficient bandwidth long enough to upload the rest of the Fannish Inquisition Videos we recorded at Westercon 67 in Salt Lake City. Here's the collection of presentations from next year's Worldcon and from those 2016, 2017, and 2018 Worldcon bidders who were at Westercon this year:

2015 Worldcon: Sasquan

Kansas City in 2016

DC in 2017

Finland in 2017

Montreal in 2017

2017 Q&A Panel

San José in 2018

These all have Creative Commons licenses on them. Feel free to share and distribute them. If you're a bidder and want, you can embed or link to this without asking my permission. We would not have recorded them if we hadn't wanted to share them with people.