July 31st, 2014

Confusion Ahead

Traveling Fan

Tonight I set up international travel notices for all of my credit and debit cards that I might end up using while I'm in the UK. While this was mostly painless, one of the cards had a whole host of hoops through which to jump that were more complicated than all of the other cards put together. I actually hope to avoid using that card, because it's the only one that tacks a service fee on top of the purchases; however, it's also the only card that actually has a chip in it, and the agent said that it is indeed enabled for chip-and-PIN transactions. While on my last UK trip I was able to use US-type no-chip swipe cards, there is some indication that it's going to get progressively harder for American no-chip cards to be used at all in other countries as chip-and-PIN becomes more prevalent. Therefore, I went ahead and protected that one chip card as a backup plan.

Good grief, Worldcon starts two weeks from today. Two weeks from yesterday, we'll be arriving in London. Wow.
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