August 2nd, 2014

Fernley House

And I'm Back

It was a harder than usual trip home yesterday. Because of errands in San José I was around 90 minutes later getting away than usual. And that led to me being tangled up in more traffic than usual. I lost 30 minutes getting through the I-5/I-80 interchange in Sacramento, that being how long it took to go about a mile through that construction. Traffic on the whole seemed heavier everywhere. It was so bad that I got off at Colfax and had dinner just to be away from the traffic for a while. (It was better after dinner, so apparently I did the right thing letting people get ahead of me.) I got home more than three hours later than usual. This morning I slept a lot, which helped.

The drive was not made any easier by my twitchy left eyelid. Nobody else can see it, but I am once again feeling like the Chief Inspector in the Pink Panther films looked when he went mad. I do, however, have an appointment with my optometrist in September, where I expect to get a new prescription that is likely to help. I'm also wearing my close-in "computer" glasses more; they're the same prescription but have a different focal point, optimized for computer work.