August 15th, 2014


Worldcon Day 2: Heavy Duty SMOFfing

After breakfast, Lisa and I carried the camera gear to the ExCel. I make it about 1850 Standlees from the front door of the Crowne Plaza to the East Entrance of the ExCel, before heading up the escalator to the programming space. (My stride is between one yard and one meter, take your pick.) That includes a coffee stop along the concourse.

The Preliminary Business Meeting used up the entire programming slot allocated to it: from 1000 to 1300. It was a long agenda, and we managed to get through it, but only just.

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The seven constitutional amendments passed along from last year were routinely assigned debate times for tomorrow. All six constitutional amendments proposed in the agenda this year survived the PBM, but two of them were referred to special committees to work out issues raised about them. For convenience, the same seven people were appointed to both committees, with me chairing one and Warren Buff the other. It turned out that the only common time we all had to meet and still get something done before tomorrow was 5 PM.

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We returned to the hotel and I eventually got signed in to the higher speed internet. Loncon has graciously agreed to pay for the upgraded upload speed so I can get the videos updated this weekend instead of waiting until I get home, as the basic free internet in the hotel is too slow. The upgraded service isn't great, but it is better.

Because of the length of the meeting and the recording constraints of the camera, the Preliminary Business Meeting is in four parts. I managed to get Part 1 uploaded before we had to pack up and return to the ExCel. Lisa went and sat at the SJ in 2018 table while I went to meet up with the other six members of the ad hoc committees from this morning's meeting.

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More or less on time the seven WSFS samurai committee members turned up and we went upstairs to the coffee bar where it was slightly quieter.

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Again, I'm prepared to accept these changes and will vote for them as compromises as I think they are necessary to make the entire proposal pass in any form at all. It is then the responsibility of the members to exercise the franchise responsibly and not just donkey-vote no on anything they see.

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After the Twin Committees adjourned, I e-mailed the results (both proposed amendments-by-substitution for the original proposals) to Linda Deneroff for inclusion in tomorrow's agenda. I happened to run across her shortly thereafter and confirmed that she received them. By then it was after 6:30 and I headed for the Fan Village, where Lisa had been sitting at the SJ2018 table. Most of the tables in our general area were closing (there was no set time because the same area is used for the parties in the evening), so we called it a day.

We were too tired to do much more than go to the concourse and buy a couple of Cornish pasties and have our simple dinner there. On the way back to the hotel, we picked up more groceries from the store next to the hotel. Returning to the room, I set the other three WSFS videos to uploading. I hope that they are done sometime tonight. For reasons only YouTube knows, they are uploading out of sequence. Watch my YouTube channel for videos. I'll also post to Twitter when I get a chance when they are available, and try to make other general announcements about them.

It's questionable whether we'll go back out tonight, because in order to be at the Business Meeting and set up in time for a 10 AM start, we have the alarm set for 6:30 to give us enough time to shower, eat breakfast, and trek to the SECC. We're both tired, and we hardly got to see anything of the convention what with nonstop WSFS commitments (Lisa did get a brief trawl through the exhibits while I was playing at being Master of WSFS), but we did get a lot done.