August 16th, 2014

WSFS Plate

2014 WSFS Preliminary Business Meeting Videos

Here are the four videos that make up the 2014 WSFS Preliminary Business Meeting held on Friday morning of the 2014 Worldcon, Loncon 3.

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Feel free to forward links to this message or to the individual videos. They are creative-commons licensed and distribution is encouraged. Sufficient bandwidth to permit us to upload these videos funded by Loncon 3 with my thanks and that of the official WSFS videographer, Lisa Hayes.

Worldcon Day 3: A Little More Time for Us

Today's Main WSFS Business Meeting had a long and challenging agenda (thirteen constitutional amendments), but managed to clear the entire agenda in less than the three hours allotted to it. That means that there will be no substantive business at the Sunday meeting except for the formal receipt of the 2016 Worldcon Site Selection results. That's a relief. I'll summarize the Business Meeting results and post the videos Lisa shot in a later message.

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We returned to the hotel, I renewed the "high-speed" internet (not nearly as fast as it should have been for what we're paying for it) connection, and set the three parts of today's WSFS Business Meeting videos to uploading. I then wrote two items for the Loncon newsletter and updated the Hugo Awards web site with information about the UStream broadcasts of the Retro-Hugos (apparently the audio quality was nonexistent or awful) and the expectations that Sunday's 2014 Hugo Ceremony will not share those problems.

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Having actually had a few hours to look at the convention fixed exhibits, Lisa and I were starting to get hungry when we ran into Linda Deneroff again, and the three of us got dinner from the Italian restaurant along the food court concourse. Yes, we've not been that adventurous and have mostly been eating at the food court and from food purchased from the grocery store next to our hotel. Too busy.

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Around 11:30 PM, I made my excuses, and it turns out Lisa had been looking for me. She'd spent most of the time that I'd been helping out Montreal sitting at the San José in 2018 bid table, and was ready to turn in, as was I. We trekked back to the hotel, completing a day of about 16,500 steps, and started the wind-down.

Photos continue to accumulate in my 2014 London Trip Flickr set.