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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Monday, August 18th, 2014

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Worldcon Night 4: Hugo Awards Ho!
[Backdated entry because it was much too late when I got back and my computer was long out of power.]

When I got back to the hotel after Girl Genius Radio Theatre, Lisa asked if I would mind if she took the rest of the day off. I assured her that she was off the hook, we had no more stuff for her to do, and she should get some rest. I composed a wrap-up entry for the Newsletter, changed into my suit, packed up my computer again, and headed back to the ExCel.

Low on PowerCollapse )

Over at the ExCel, I met up with Cheryl Morgan, who had just had her dinner, and after she changed into a very nice dress, we headed off to main hall, where there was no problem in going through a side door due to our semi-press-pass-like condition as the hosts of TheHugoAwards.org's live coverage of the ceremony.

On With the ShowCollapse )

Within a minute of Ancillary Justice being announced for Best Novel, I had the award results posted as a new main page post on THA.org. (Yes, I did have an embargoed copy of the results given to me shortly before the ceremony. I'm glad it wasn't too far in advance. I don't want to let thing slip by mistake.) In a sense, I was a little too fast: the link to the detailed reports wasn't working right away, although it started working about fifteen minutes later as Loncon got the document uploaded to their web site. I wish I could have put a copy of the PDF on the Hugo site, because then I would have redone the link on THA.org to our local copy to spread the load between multiple servers, but there was something preventing me from doing the upload to THA.org. (I did do so later.)

We wound up the broadcast and before the tech crew could impress us into service helping to strike the set, we got out of the hall. Many of the nominees and winners were off to the by-invitation post-Hugo Party, but not all of them.

The Lovely Mary Robinette KowalCollapse )

Doctors in the HouseCollapse )

A really good eveningCollapse )

I was really happy with how this year's Hugo Awards Night went. The tech worked, everyone who wanted to see the ceremony could do so (the auditorium did not quite fill up), and it was just really what I think we'd been wanting to have happen for years: a good show and a lot of happy people afterwards.

Current Mood: ecstatic
2014 WSFS Site Selection Business Meeting Videos
Here are the three videos that made up the third and final WSFS Business Meeting, focusing almost exclusively on Site Selection business. The meeting began with the announcement of the 2016 Worldcon Site Selection, then continued with Question Time for next year's Worldcon and for bids for subsequent years before adjourning sine die ("without date," meaning "no more WSFS meetings at this Worldcon").

Three and OutCollapse )

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