August 23rd, 2014

Beware of Trains

Tube to the Train

No more Death March to London Pass today, as the pass is now expired; however, we still had one more pair of Zone 1-6 Travelcards, and we made full use of it traveling out to Epping at the far end of the Central Line, where we rode the Epping-Ongar Railway, a heritage railway running on the route of the former London Underground branch to Ongar from Epping.

After breakfast, we walked to London Bridge station, going into the Borough Market and getting another couple of scoops of ice cream from The Greedy Goat that we'd discovered yesterday after our visit to the Old Operating Theatre. Lisa says they make the best ice cream she's ever tasted.

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Lisa and I walked into Chipping Ongar's High Street, described as "a stone's throw" from the station. This description is a bit optimistic; worse, Lisa is not walking well, after the huge amount of walking we've done the past few days. She's limping badly, to the point where I feared that I was going to need to get her a wheelchair. Adding insult to injury, all of the places that seemed to be serving food we might have wanted to eat closed at 15:00. We ended up getting bread and lunchmeat from a grocery store and making sandwiches on the ride back to North Weald.

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Lisa had the idea that we could make better use of our Travelcards and explore parts of the network over which we'd never ridden.

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We didn't actually mean to get off at Baker Street, but since we were there anyway and were on an unlimited-use Travelcard, we left the station for a short time.

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We returned to the hotel via the Bakerloo and Jubilee lines. Lisa somehow managed to make it back to the hotel despite her painful feet. We did cut back a little bit over yesterday: only about 17,500 steps thanks to spending lots of the day riding trains. We mostly had fun, and we didn't work as hard as we did trying to bolt down an all-you-can-eat menu of museums and attractions the previous three days.

Tomorrow is our last fully free tourism day because Monday we move out to Heathrow to anticipate the trip back to the USA.