August 25th, 2014

Beware of Trains

Last Day: Didcot Railway Centre

Today's big adventure was a trip to the Didcot Railway Centre, focusing on the history of the Great Western Railway. We checked out of our hotel in Southwark, made our way to Paddington, bought a couple of day returns to Didcot, and found that the next fast train was less than ten minutes from departure. Having been tipped off about Weekend First upgrades, we boarded one of the first class coaches and when the train manager came through to check tickets, paid him £5 each for the upgrade, which also included a newspaper and a cup of tea.

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We had a fine time at the Didcot Centre, despite the rain that was heavy at times. In fact, it's only time I needed my jacket this whole trip. We did get a little bit damp. Our main regret was that we couldn't stay longer than we did, on account of needing to get back to London to get out to the airport.

Edit, September 15: Here's the still photos from our day at Didcot, including the trains from Paddington and back.

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I took lots of photos at Didcot. I have not processed any of them and won't do so tonight because I must get some dinner and then to sleep, because by my reckoning, we need to be on a 6:30 bus from this hotel to be at the terminal three hours before our flight. It's just as well that our room rate doesn't include breakfast; we'd be tempted to stay long enough to eat it. As it is, if we get through the check-in/terrorization process sufficiently early, we should be able to get breakfast airside.

But now I need sleep. I expected to be in bed long before now before doing the Heathrow Shuffle.