August 30th, 2014

Conrunner Kevin

Good Timing

Based on past experience with how long my electric razor holds charge, I charged it the night before we left for London and left the charger behind in my van. This morning, the final morning we are on the road, while I was shaving, the low-battery-charge-me-now light came on.

Considering that when we checked my bag coming back from the UK, it was 100 g short of the 23 kg weight limit, I'm feeling slightly smug about having planned as well as I did. Of course, had the battery run down early, I could have bought a blade razor and dealt with the resultant carnage on my you'd-be-surprised-how-sensitive-it-is skin as best I could, so it wasn't a huge risk, but still.

Also, this trip showed the value of that piece of luggage Lisa bought me last year for my birthday. We had considered at the time the next-largest-size piece, but it's clear that we can't go any larger than what we did get because I'd simply overload it.

In a few minutes, after I have some coffee, we're checking out of the hotel and heading out into the 30°C heat to pick some boxes out of my locker, then embark on the final lap home and an end to our long Summer of Convention Travel by planes, trains, and automobiles.
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Fernley House

Home, With Trains

We stuffed more boxes into the Astro this morning, then went by my sister's house. Because we don't want to infect her, we stood on the sidewalk, my mother came out to meet us, and we gingerly handed her our presents while she gave me mine for my birthday. We exchanged virtual hugs and I promised we'd come down again soon when we weren't potentially disease-inducing. Then we headed for home, making a minimum (for us) of rest stops.

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We unpacked the boxes into the garage (Lisa will sort that out later; she's good at this.) and got our luggage into the house. We got the house and the travel trailer turned back on and brought back to life. I'm about to go get a few groceries to last us tonight and maybe a little longer.

We've enjoyed all of the traveling we've done in the past two months, but it is very much good to be home.
Beware of Trains

Bonus Trains

Just as I was getting ready to head to the store for some groceries, I heard a train coming and realized that it was the Union Pacific business train that Lisa and I had seen parked in Sparks on our way home. I yelled for Lisa to come quickly and pulled out my camera.

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Lisa stayed home as I headed out for groceries. I impulsively decided to see if I could get out ahead of the Business Train and take a video of it.

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Having captured this train on video, I returned to Fernley and got the groceries, then went home. I said, "I made a side trip."

"To Hazen?" Lisa asked.


"Good! That's where I told you to go."

"I didn't hear you."

"That's because I told you after you left."

Good thing we were both on the same wavelength.