August 31st, 2014

Kevin and Lisa

Bonus Trip to Yuba City

This morning, Lisa decided she was (barely) up to us making an extra trip to Yuba City to take advantage of the long weekend and try to maybe finalize the storage locker.

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We gave the storage locker place the required 30 days' notice, so we plan to come back one more time in late September with the minivan's seat pulled to do the final load. I anticipate forfeiting any deposit I might have put down twenty years ago in lieu of us cleaning the accumulated decades of dust and cobwebs from the locker. It's given me good service, but I'm happy to almost be shut of it.

After a very hot, tiring day in the sun, we stumbled into a restaurant in Yuba City for dinner (which we ate slowly to maximize time in the air conditioning), then drove home to Fernley. That's a pretty full day. Tomorrow is a holiday that I usually spend at Worldcon. I'm thinking of spending it sleeping this year.