September 2nd, 2014

Fernley House

Home At Work

It's a good thing that I'm working from home today (and the rest of this week) because The Dreaded Lurgi continues to fill my sinuses and lungs with green goo, and I would not have fancied being in the office in this state. Lisa is worse off than me and is spending a lot of time in bed.

However, we were able to pull ourselves together sufficiently to welcome kshandra and gridlore, just off the Playa from Burning Man, who arrived in a cloud of dust this afternoon. We gave them the tour of Fernley House and offered such hospitality as we could and traded our respective stories of the Burn and the Worldcon before sending them on their way back to civilization.

I even managed to get it together enough after lunch to go down to the post office and claim the bin of backlogged mail, some of which wasn't advertising circulars. On the way, I rolled a propane bottle on the hand truck and had it refilled at Hanneman Service. I asked them how the post-Burning Man Exodus was going. They told me that the volume is now so high that AAA contracts with a separate company just to handle that period of time around Gerlach, which normally is part of Fernley's service district. Even so, while they were filling the propane bottle, they got two calls from people needing tows from the Gerlach area, which they had to refer to the other AAA service.

I think I'll try and stick to working only eight hour days this week. It would be nice and restful.