September 7th, 2014

WSFS Captain 3

Worldcon Chairs Video 2014

Here, because I was too overwhelmed with Business Meeting work and because it was Hugo Night and because I also was in Girl Genius Radio Theatre that afternoon, is the video Lisa shot of the 2014 Worldcon Chairs gathering at the 2014 Worldcon, Loncon 3 that I didn't post that afternoon. For the last few years, we have done this immediately after the final WSFS Business Meeting, which generally requires all hands pitching in to tear out the head table and set up chairs for the photo shoot, then turning it back into a program room. (As usual, we held the WSFS Mark Protection Committee meeting after this photo shoot.)

Collapse )

The reason there were two microphones moving around was because the wired microphone cables were taped down so tightly that there wasn't enough play to use just one. I had tried to explain to people how to make this work in "serpentine" fashion (and Lisa was expecting to record it that way), but as you see, people don't listen very well. About the only way this will really work is when there is one, wireless microphone (or someone holding a microphone and carrying it from person to person) and an individual directing people.

There is a practical reason for doing this video: it's one of the ways we can clearly identify who are in the Worldcon Chair photos. Scoff if you like, but I know from painful experience that looking back at the old photos, we can't always tell who was in them.
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