September 10th, 2014

Rolling Stone

Steering the Conversation

It would appear that the leak in the RV is power-steering fluid. We filled it up before I left home, and there is a continuing drip under the RV and a dropping fluid level in the tank. I have an appointment to take it to my regular mechanic in Fremont — I have to be over in Fremont that afternoon for Day Jobbe anyway — so he can take a quick look at it and see if it's something for which he can order parts and have me bring it back.

Ideally, we can just keep pouring fluid into the thing until my mechanic can fix it, and I can leave the RV with him for just one day, probably renting a car to get back and forth to work and if I'm really lucky getting the RV back the same day. However, I have hotel-based options if he needs it for multiple days; they just cost money for which the RV was supposed to save me paying.