September 11th, 2014

Kevin and Lisa

London Pass: Was It Worth It?

I finally did the math to figure out whether the money we spent on the London Pass (£81 less 10% promotional discount = £73) was worth it.

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So the total cost of all the things we visited had we purchased them separately was £115.70, versus the £72.90 cost of the London Pass. That's a 37% savings, which is pretty impressive. In addition, a side-effect of the Pass is that it gives you an incentive to go into smaller, oddball places that you might ordinarily skip, but since they're along the way and included in the Pass, you might as well. That's how we ended up seeing the Guards Museum, Jason's Trip, the Canal Museum, and the Old Operating Theatre, and those were nice experiences.

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I'm glad we bought those Passes, but we definitely walked our legs off going from place to place and we were very tired at the end. It's probably harder work being a serious London tourist than my Day Jobbe.