September 14th, 2014

Giants Fanatic

Frantic Friday

So as I mentioned at the time, Friday was just a mess of things that needed doing, and there was no time for writing. However, I do want to remember how it went, so here's the rundown.

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I think I got to sleep about 2 AM. Fortunately, I had no commitments on Saturday. I'm glad the BASFA outing was to that Friday game, not the Saturday evening one, where the Dodgers roared back and annihilated the Giants 17-0.
Menlo WWL

I'm Not Ignoring You...

...but if you've been trying to e-mail me since sometime last night, note that my primary e-mail address that you're likely to have for me has been down on the client side (that is, nobody can log in to it while the IT team does some heavy-duty maintenance over the weekend). If you need to reach me, my other e-mail address is my first initial, my middle initial (A), my last name, and

Meanwhile, I'm spending a very quiet weekend, sleeping a lot and watching sports. If the clog in my right ear would clear up, I'd feel like I was completely recovered from the UK trip.