September 19th, 2014

Rolling Stone

Stone Rolled Home

I got into work about 6:30 AM today, so I could leave around 11 (having logged more than 40 hours this week even with all of the disruptions), and that meant I could detour up to Yuba City. When we last left my storage locker there, we had taken almost everything from it except for a Japanese tri-fold screen that wouldn't fit in the back of my Astro unless we removed the middle seat, and a few other things. The Rolling Stone is long enough that if I could get the thing inside the RV, the screen would fit. And indeed, it did fit, as did nearly everything else left in the locker.

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After dealing with the locker, I went and visited my sister. My mother had come down from the hills for the weekend as well. This was the first time they'd seen the RV. When Mom heard I had bought an RV, I think she'd envisioned a big bus or a Winnebago-style box on wheels. The Rolling Stone is much more nimble, even though it still feels huge to me. They were impressed.

I was not impressed with myself, however. This morning I forgot to shut one of the two roof vents, and by the time I heard the loose vent tearing itself free and flying off the roof as I headed down the freeway, it was too late. Fortunately, there's no rain expected tonight or tomorrow, but we're going to need to replace it, of course. In fact, Lisa thinks we'll probably need to replace the other rooftop vents, as they're UV-degraded.

What with spending time visiting with my family, I didn't get home to Fernley until about 9:30 PM. Lisa helped me unload the RV and did an initial diagnosis of the damage to the vent and to one of the interior reading lights that broke off in my hand (old plastic; I only tried turning on the switch and the thing popped off the wall). We'll need to look more carefully on the roof tomorrow in daylight and with a taller ladder than the little one on the rear door. Hey, it's a used RV, and even with only about 58K miles on it, there's more than twenty years of things just getting old and needing work. It still is paying its way in hotel nights I don't have to buy.

It's nice to be home and being able to sleep in my own bed again. Even nicer: no alarm tomorrow, and because I brought the last of the storage-locker stuff home with me, we don't have to make a day-trip down to Yuba City or wrestle the middle seat out of the Astro.