September 23rd, 2014


Extra Trip to Reno

We went into Reno this afternoon because Lisa had an appointment with the TMJ specialist who fitted her with a mouth appliance that, if all goes well, will start to shift her jaw forward and release the pressure on the auditory nerve that we think has been causing Lisa's tinnitus. It's not going to be easy on her, but if she can learn to tolerate the appliances and the tinnitus subsides, her life will get so much better.

After the appointment, we dealt with a number of errands and the grocery shopping we didn't finish on Friday after a nearly dinner at the Atlantis buffet.

Smoke blankets the area from the large forest fires in the Sierra, primarily the King Fire near Pollock Pines, east of Sacramento. Our eyes burn and Lisa is coughing again. But our problems are small compared to those people living near the fire area, of course.