September 28th, 2014



Last Wednesday, while Lisa and I were trundling a bottle of propane on the hand cart over to Hanneman Service to refill it, we saw an excess of excitement on Main Street. After refilling the bottle, we went home to get the Rolling Stone to bring it over and refill its propane tank as well. With Lisa driving the RV, I was able to take some pictures of the scene of the excitement.

Collapse )

In one of the photos above you can see a tow truck preparing to pull the wrecked car. That's from Hanneman Service, driven by the same person as had just filled our propane bottle, and because of his having been called out to this accident scene (which was less than 100 meters from his shop), there was nobody to fill the RV's propane tank when we came by. So we went and dealt with different tanks (the waste-water holding tanks) instead and we'll deal with the on-board propane tank this coming week. Also then, we may find out more details about the accident from Hanneman's on account of them having to do the vehicle recovery.

Update, 20:30: While out walking after dinner, we ran across the man from Hanneman's, who said apparently the driver was distracted by her child, and when she reached over to the child, she lost control of the car, sending it into the building.