September 29th, 2014


Return of the Reno Runaround

Lisa has been replacing a couple of the reading lights in the Rolling Stone because the plastic was so old that one of them cracked like an eggshell on my last trip. The brand of light isn't made anymore, so she is putting in different lights. One of the switches on the replacement lights was defective, so we needed to run into Reno today to get a new switch. Except that the RV store was out of stock. And after we left (and after they'd closed), we remembered that we also needed a new propane hose from there. It was very frustrating. However, we did go have dinner at the Atlantis — the manager recognizes us as regular customers now — then got a new printer cartridge (I'm almost out of black ink) and did grocery shopping that we ordinarily would have done on the weekend but didn't do this past weekend due to the bad weather, so I guess it wasn't a total waste.