September 30th, 2014


Storm Sequence

This past weekend was very wet, by local standards. Fernley's annual average precipitation is about 130 mm. We got about 35 mm over the weekend. Sure, that's still not much if you live in the Pacific Northwest or other rain forest areas, but when you live on an ancient lake bed with not a lot of drainage, it can get unpleasant. There was localized flooding in another part of town. At Fernley House, we merely got some standing water.

On Sunday, the weather cleared for a while, but Lisa came in and pointed out that there was some really nasty looking weather heading toward us from the north. I took a series of photos as a thunderstorm rolled over us.

Collapse )

That was the lesser of the two storms that hit us this weekend. I do hope there was even more rain, and maybe even some snow, up in the Sierra Nevada. I want a very wet winter. So does almost everyone in California and Nevada, I think.