October 11th, 2014


Fernley Frustration

We have once again tried to get the electrical service upgraded to Fernley House. There aren't enough circuits on the main box, and apparently the box is only good to 125A anyway, so we need a new main box good to 200A. However, a previous electrician said the line drop from the utility would have to be redone. So we had the contractor out here two weeks ago with the electrical subcontractor. Today the contractor came by to give me a copy of the correspondence with NV Energy, who says they need an application from the Contractor. But the last time I tried to apply, the form was full of stuff irrelevant to us; it was appropriate for building a new subdivision, not upgrading the service on a single house.

So the situation appears to be:

1. Contractor can't take action without word from the electrical subcontractor.
2. Electrical subcontractor can't take action without word from NV Energy.
3. NV Energy will do nothing without action from the contractor.

In computing terms, I'd call that an endless loop. I've been trying to put it into simple terms: "Tell me where to sign and how much I have to pay you, then get the work done, please."

It's crazy. We want the work done, if we can get it done for any sort of a reasonable cost. (At this point, I'm expecting it's going to cost between $5,000 and $10,000, which isn't great, but it's the only way we're ever going to get any of the other work done on the house that it needs.) But everyone with whom we talk keeps passing the buck to someone else.
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