October 15th, 2014


Plan B

After one too many frustrations with NV Energy and the electrical contractor, Lisa (who is the one footing the bill from her inheritance money, which is something the contractor seemed to not understand while patronizing her) pulled the plug on the project. (Pun intentional.) The power line to our property is supposedly good for up to 125A, and the main box is also rated for 125A. This means we should be able to replace the master breaker (currently 100A) with a 125A breaker, and there's enough room in the box to add the additional 30A circuit that we want to run a small electric hot water heater. The only challenge is that it's an old box design, so the circuit breakers are not off the shelf parts. However, the parts are available, and we've ordered the 30A breaker and will look for a 125A master breaker when we have a chance.

We went to Big R in Fallon last night (the Fernley Big R continues to be "two weeks away" as it has for the past two years) to buy 50 feet of cord, flexible conduit, a cut-off box, and sundry other parts with which Lisa plans to run a line herself from the main box under the house to where we want the hot water heater. She's done this sort of home electrical work in the past and is confident that she can do it herself with me there to hold tools and do as I'm told.
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