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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Sunday, October 19th, 2014

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A Short Tour of Fernley Industrial Park
I woke up way too early this Sunday morning, and inasmuch as Lisa told me not to wake her as she'd not gone to bed until about two hours before I woke up, I had time on my hands. Based on the advice from some of you on the wiring work, I decided to go over to Lowe's and buy an electrical fish tape and some wire lubricant. Even though Lisa has decided to replace the 1-inch conduit with 1 1/4-inch conduit and thus to run both the original RV pedestal lines and the new water heater lines through as new runs, having a 125-foot fish tape will be generally useful for this and other projects like running Ethernet lines up through the walls to the upstairs office.

After picking up the stuff from Lowe's, I thought that a quiet Sunday would be a good time to have a look around the Fernley Industrial Park without blocking traffic. Since msconduct expressed an interest, I included the Amazon facility. All photos here were taken either from public roads or parking lots (like Lowe's) where I had the right to be. At no time did I trespass on private property, particularly Amazon's.

Warehouses and TrainsCollapse )

After this spin through the park, I headed home. As I parked the Astro in front of Fernley House, the Fernley Flyer, having been cleared out of R-Max by the dispatcher, passed on the main heading back to Sparks.

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