October 27th, 2014


Part Problem

I had a dentist appointment today. My dentist is up in Redwood Shores (it used to be a pleasant ten minute walk from my office instead of a slog up US-101), but that gave me a chance to stop by Ikea to try and trade in the Billy shelf parts for ones that fit.

Apparently Ikea have changed the fastener design on the Billy bookcases. The hardware that came with the new shelves I bought recently do not fit the older bookcases. Worse, the parts desk at East Palo Alto have no other parts that fit and suggest that I look online somewhere or go to Emeryville. Grrr.

Incidentally, what moron puts a bunch of compact-vehicle parking spaces in the over-height vehicle parking area? There's only a tiny bit of their parking garage with sufficient clearance for me to drive the RV into, and most of it is full of tiny little cars that could easily fit into the main garage.

Meanwhile, there are no issues with my teeth. I have a slightly chipped tooth and have had for a while now, but it's not bad enough to justify the cost and pain of capping it. For now, I continue to wear an anti-teeth-grinding night-guard and pay attention to that tooth.