October 29th, 2014

Giants Fanatic

Giants Win!

It was a nail-biter, right down to the winning run for Kansas City coming to the plate when a misplayed ball with two out in the bottom of the ninth put the tying run on third, but THEY DID IT! The San Francisco Giants won their third World Series in five years. Pitcher Madison Bumgarner came into the game in relief having pitched two days ago and was credited with the win save, which means he was the winning pitcher instrumental in winning in three of the four games the Giants needed to win the title. He definitely deserved the Most Valuable Player award presented to him after the Giants collected the World Series trophy.

I know the Giants aren't necessarily the most popular winners, and that the Kansas City Royals were the sentimental favorite. But as someone who suffered through many years of awful Giants teams in a terrible ballpark (I was a night-game season-ticket holder during the Bad Old Days at Candlestick Park), it's so nice having a multi-award winner. I'm just trying to enjoy it, because I know it's unlikely to last. And congratulations to the Royals for winning the American League and taking the Giants the distance.

(Now I just hope the other members of the 2015 WSFS Business Meeting team will still work with me after my team won.)

[Update: Although Bumgarner was initially credited with the win, the official scorer later changed the win to Jeremy Affeldt, who was the pitcher of record when the Giants scored the eventual winning run. Bumgarner got the save. (By two different routes: entering the game with the one-run lead and then winning, and also by entering the game with any lead and pitching at least three innings, the latter being the relatively rare so-called "rulebook save."]