November 2nd, 2014

Fernley House

Winter on the Horizon

Yesterday morning I took this picture as a train came through Fernley.

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It's getting cold enough here to need to start using the fireplace again. That means we'd better go buy firewood. We'd hoped to be able to get it from Big R Fernley, but the oft-delayed opening seems to continue to be a mirage on the horizon, despite the large amount of activity and the growing supply of goods stocking up in their yard, so I guess we'll be hitching up the utility trailer to the Astro and heading for Fallon soon.
To Trains

Happy Nevada Day

Friday was Nevada Day; the 150th anniversary of Nevada's statehood. Celebrations have been going on all year, and among them were special activities at the Nevada State Railroad Museum in Carson City on Friday and Saturday.

We went to Carson City on Saturday afternoon, getting away later than originally planned. Traffic was heavy in Carson City because of the Nevada Day parade, which was still going on when we managed to find a parking space. We only watched a small part of the parade before getting lunch at the Carson City Nugget and heading to the Museum.

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There was more to see besides the motor car, although our late start meant we only had a few minutes to do so.

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We made a brief foray into the museum bookstore and spent more money there before closing time. Then we headed north to Reno to do some shopping and have dinner before returning home. We've put off our main grocery shopping until Monday (Lisa has an appointment with the TMJ specialist tomorrow afternoon) because when the 1st falls on a weekend, the grocery stores are a madhouse so we avoid shopping then if we can.

We had a good day and enjoyed our way of celebrating the birthday of our adopted home state.