November 12th, 2014


I Am Not Bidding, but...

I contend that chairing a Worldcon earns one a "Get Out of Conrunning Free" card; that is, you've paid a lifetime of karma points when you've done it, so you should be able to say "no" to requests to do more work without guilt. That doesn't mean you won't say "yes" sometimes; just that you can't feel obliged to do anything. I say this to forestall people from trying to force a bid upon me. (Wallets down, everyone.)

Lisa and I commonly walk around the Atlantis Hotel function space after eating there. Every time we do so, we think about how well a Westercon would fit into the space, or at least mostly so. You wouldn't need anything in the Convention Center, just all of the Atlantis space. Some of you may remember that space as including the 2011 Worldcon's Con Suite. There's a bunch more space that I don't think Renovation used, but that a Westercon could probably use.

But I'm not a Hotel Liaison-type person, and there aren't a lot of conrunners in Reno that I'm aware of. Oh, yes, there's going to be one of those Wizard Entertainment gate shows that unfortunately triggers off searches for the short form name of the World Science Fiction Convention, but no fannish conventions of the ilk that I personally prefer to attend. And besides, I'm at least tangentially involved with the bid for the 2018 Worldcon in San Jose, so why in the world would I want to bid for a Westercon? Still, Reno's space is nice if there was a way to make the hotel play nice with us for parties and the like. I know it was... challenging in 2011.