November 22nd, 2014


Fair is Fair

Today was the SFSFC Board of Directors meeting. Nothing earth-shattering, although it took us four hours to do what I think might have easily taken only three or even two if we'd been a little more efficient. (And I'm just as bad as anyone else.) We were able to discharge two of our standing committees: Westercon 66 (Sacramento) and the SFSFC Nebula Awards committees are now officially dissolved, having dealt with all of their responsibilities. It's not as though we don't have more projects down the road, most prominently our San Jose in 2018 Worldcon bid.

After the meeting I set out for Yuba City, planning to visit my sister for a while. As I left Milpitas on I-680, I ran into slow traffic. By the time I'd reached a point of no return on the Sunol Grade, I turned on the radio and found that traffic was stacked up for many miles ahead of me due to a big rig accident. It took close to an hour to go less than ten miles before I finally escaped onto CA-84, which was also heavy but moving. Then, when I got to Lodi Junction and refueled, I saw fog starting to appear. I hate tule fog. Fortunately, traffic was not heavy. I slowed down due to the fog, but did not get to Yuba City until nearly 9 PM. Long before that, I spoke to my sister on the phone and said I'd see her on Sunday.

So where am I? Parked in the Wal-Mart lot in Yuba City. I may not like Wal-Mart for many of their policies; however, they have a very RV-friendly parking policy, and there are two other rigs parked near where I spotted the Rolling Stone, one of which even has its slide-out deployed, so I'm reasonably comfortably staying here until tomorrow morning. And because I believe in paying for services rendered, you might say, I broke my usual rule about shopping at the Evil Empire and bought some small groceries to make dinner.

The good part above being here in YC is that I can sleep in pretty much as late as I'm likely to ever sleep before getting breakfast and heading over to my sister's house, as she doesn't expect me much before noon. And the weather over Donner for tomorrow is showing clear, so the remaining 150 miles until home shouldn't be too much trouble, I hope.