November 27th, 2014


SMOFs to Discuss WSFS Funding

SMOFCon is, as I hope most of you reading this know, the annual convention about running SF/F genre conventions. This year conrunners from around the world will flee their snow-encrused homes and come to Manhattan Beach, California for the weekend after Thanksgiving to talk about convention-running and related matters.

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All WSFS MPC meetings are open to anyone who wants to attend them at a Worldcon, but most Worldcon members are too busy to do so. There's a high proportion of SMOFCon members who are interested in Worldcon and WSFS business, so I hope those with an interest in the matter of how we fund the body that registers and protects the Worldcon service marks including "Hugo Award" and the Hugo Award trophy will drag themselves out of bed for the 10 AM Sunday panel.

(It won't be easy for me, either, as I'm running the SMOFCon Probability & Statistics Seminar following the Fannish Inquisition on Saturday night, so I'm going to be short on sleep myself. I'm glad we don't leave until Monday morning to drive home via Bishop.)