December 4th, 2014

SMOF License

Let There Be (Too Much) Light

Because of overrunning Day Jobbery, we didn't get away from Fernley until just before sundown on Wednesday. We had just over 200 miles to go to the Vagabond Inn in Bishop, via US-50A, NV-117, US-95, NV-360, and US-6.

I rarely drive anywhere that high beams are of much use because there's usually too much traffic; however, the drive on US-95 south of Fallon led out into some fairly low-traffic highway at night, so I clicked up the high beam. When I did so, to my surprise, the lights clicked completely off before going up to high. I clicked them again and they went to low, again going completely off before coming back on low beam.

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Today's stage was to Lancaster (200 miles), which would ordinarily be no sweat at all, but with the desire to not be traveling after dark (sunset was about 4:40 today) and not getting away from Bishop until after Noon, we needed to rush. We did however stop for a few minutes for a rest break in Lone Pine; there was a nearly 30 minute delay for one-way controlled traffic on a stretch of CA-14; and we made a wrong turn in Mojave that cost us ten minutes. The net result was that I had to put the lights on in Lancaster itself, and I felt awful about running around with high beams, but it's better than no lights or running lights only. We got to the Holiday Inn Express about 5:30 PM. Again, it took around five hours to go about 200 miles.

Tomorrow we have only about 77 miles to go, albeit that we're heading into the Los Angeles basin and can't expect to make good time due to traffic. However, our fingers are crossed that we'll get to Manhattan Beach and SMOFCon by mid-afternoon at the latest.