December 10th, 2014


A Bozo on This Bus

Bishop Wye

One of the most significant faults of the Tonopah Westercon bid that travelswithkuma chaired a few years ago is that there was absolutely no public transportation of any sort to Tonopah. You could get there only by driving. No more! Trailways is now operating a Las Vegas-Tonopah-Reno route running once a day between the cities (also stopping at Pahrumph, Beatty, Hawthorne, and Carson City) with the Tonopah stop being right at the Tonopah Station Hotel where we'd said we'd hold the convention. This is scary.

Home Sweet Home

The Vagabond Inn let us stay until Noon, so we went to Jack's Restaurant for breakfast again. I should note that Jack's is several blocks from the hotel, while Denny's is not only adjacent to the Vagabond Inn, but offers a 10% discount to hotel guests. I hope this indicates how much better we think the breakfast was. The walk back and forth is good for me, too.

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At about 1 PM, we bade farewell to Bishop. I think it will be less than 30 years before we come through here again, particularly inasmuch as we're going to Westercon 68 in San Diego next July, and our route is likely to take us through Bishop again.

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We pulled up to Fernley House at 5:28 PM, about seven days and one hour since we left. The house was in one piece, albeit a little cold, but not too awful (12°C in the living room). We unloaded the van, I got a big fire going and went over to the grocery store to get some milk, and Lisa made us dinner.

We do like to travel, but we are glad to be home. And considering how often Day Jobbe was chasing me over the past five days of nominal vacation, I think the folks back in the Bay Area are glad that I am home, too.