December 13th, 2014


Left Atlantis With More Than I Entered

This morning, Lisa and I went to the Atlantis for brunch. I had a 2-for-1 coupon, and enough points in my comp account to buy one meal, so the food was free. Then the $10 keno ticket I marked won $20. After paying tips to everyone, I had $3 more when we left the casino than when we entered, and any day you can say that about a casino visit is a good one.

We did grocery shopping for Lisa for the week I'll be away. We're disappointed that Whole Foods Market isn't carrying high-end (i.e. no dyes or fillers) eggnog. We expected to see something from Strauss, which is the fanciest dairy they carry, but either Strauss isn't making eggnog this season or Whole Paycheck Reno isn't stocking it. We did, however, finally remember to take back the class deposit bottles from Strauss, one of which has been knocking around the kitchen for over a year.

The RV is mostly packed except for what I need tonight and will pack in the morning. Despite overnight temperatures dropping below freezing, the system hasn't frozen up, so the RV antifreeze seems to be working. I just have to remember not to actually drink the water. (But that's why I carry bottled water in the RV.)

Today and tomorrow appear to be a break in the storms, which is good because it looks like there's been lots of snow over Donner Summit this past week and there are some good-sized storms lined up to drop more snow this coming week. I only hope another window opens up for next weekend so I can get home.