December 21st, 2014

Kevin and Lisa

Over the Mountains to Placerville

Lisa and I managed to get away from Fernley about 10:30. We stopped at the Carson City Nugget for lunch, and Lisa then drove us on to South Lake Tahoe, where we intended to just make a quick coffee stop; however, we wandered into the alpaca shop there and Lisa found something very nice, which I offered to buy as her Christmas present if she didn't object to me having no wrapped present for her on Christmas day. She then further offered to drive on up to Echo Summit and beyond to give me a chance to actually look at the scenery over US-50, which I've never been able to do before, particularly inasmuch as I've not driven that route many times.

Both Lisa and I accumulated tails of cars wanting to drive faster than us. It wasn't snowing, but it was wet and US-50 had chain controls yesterday, so the conditions weren't ideal. I was happy to be able to see some spectacular scenery, although I took no photos until after we'd traded places again (pulling over to let a train of cars go by) and I decided to pull out to take a picture of Bridal Veil Falls.

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After confirming where we have to be tomorrow morning, we continued on to El Dorado Hills, where the upgrade-fu at the Holiday Inn Express was strong and we got one of the better hotel rooms I think we've had in our many travels.

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Not wanting to do any more traveling around tonight or go out to dinner, we walked to the Nugget Market (high-end grocery) at the opposite end of the shopping center in which this hotel is located. There we bought fixings for dinner, including some of the high-end eggnog that Lisa likes. (I like it too, but I shouldn't drink much of it because of my diabetes.) We were perfectly happy to come back to the room and have a nice leisurely dinner and relax in our nice hotel room. Tomorrow morning we have to be up and about and get into our nice clothes to go back up the hill to Placerville to be at my friend Rick Hallock's wedding, a planned simple civil ceremony at the county clerk-recorder's office.