December 25th, 2014


Lighting Up the Town

Two nights ago, Lisa and I went for a drive after dinner to go have a look at this year's massive light show that the folks in one of Fernley's subdivisions put on.

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There were many other fancifully-decorated houses in this subdivision, but this was the only one I felt comfortable stopping to photograph due to the traffic.
Kuma Bear

Christmas Bear

Lisa found some lamb in the local grocery store and cooked a lamb roast and stuffing for our Christmas Eve meal. Because we're traveling today, she didn't put on a big feast; however, the roast lamb was excellent and I have no complaints. We watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas while having dinner. Afterwards, we opened presents.

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Once Lisa is up and around and we finish packing, we'll go into Reno, have breakfast, and proceed over the mountains to Yuba City to deliver presents to my sister, nephew, and mother before continuing to San Jose, where we're staying at the Holiday Inn as I check off more goals on their latest promotion. I haven't been traveling to places with IHG hotels enough this last half of the year to be able to collect all of the items on their current promotion, so I won't get the "Big Win" points bonanza that helped us be able to stay in London an extra week on points, but we'll still collect some points that will come in handy for a future vacation trip.