December 26th, 2014


Near Miss at Kingvale

Yesterday morning, when Lisa was ready to go and I was otherwise already packed, I told the computer to shut down without noticing that it was "shut down and install updates." It began the shutdown with "33 updates to install." Groan. 40 minutes later, with fewer than half the updates installed, I carefully took the computer off its dock and carried it out to the van and set it in the back of the Astro. The battery on the computer is good for about five hours, especially when the screen, wi-fi, and Ethernet are off, so I figured it would be okay to let it grind away on updates as we drove into Reno to have brunch before continuing to Yuba City. But it did put us a fair bit behind our expected schedule.

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Aside from this unwanted excitement at Kingvale, the trip to Yuba City was uneventful, albeit that we were considerably later than originally planned. I'd called ahead to warn my nephew that my original plans were askew and not to worry. We delivered a big gift basket to my sister. Kelli is unlikely to ever get to travel much ever again, being mostly bedridden and homebound (my nephew's Day Jobbe is as her caregiver), so I make an effort to bring her treats from around the world; in this case, we went wild at Cost Plus World Market and I included a jar of honey from Bishop. She is thin and needs to put on weight; I told her, "Eat all of this, but probably not all at once!" I also gave my mother a gift card from the Yuba City equivalent of Whole Foods Market, and my nephew a generic gift card. Mom gave us socks and a video about trains in Japan, both of which are welcome.

The rest of the trip to San Jose was also without incident, and we checked into the Holiday Inn North First Street for a couple of nights. They put us in one of the top-floor rooms, which are nice, but a little strange. I thought this hotel used to have function space on the top floor, but I don't see it anymore. I wonder if they converted the former space into hotel rooms?