December 30th, 2014

Snow Day

Snow Kind of Day

It snowed here in Fernley last night. Mid-morning, with the sun hitting the house at a good angle, I went out and took another photo of the house in the snow.

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Later in the morning, I cleared the rest of the sidewalks, and none too soon, because if I'd left them snow-covered, it would have turned to ice. As it was, the sun warmed the concrete a little bit (albeit that the air temperatures were below freezing all day long) and melted most of the rest of the snow on them. As you can see from the first photo, the roof also heated up and started shedding its load of snow. Lisa said it sounded like it had started raining again when the garage roof started melting off its snow.

Now 3 cm of snow isn't much, and those of you who have to deal with meters of the stuff and have it stick around all winter long have my sympathy. The small amount we get here merely makes things look nice in the winter sunshine and gives me an excuse to get some exercise clearing the walks.