January 1st, 2015


Expect the Fannish Inquisition

SMOFCon, the annual conference about running SF/F genre conventions, includes as its centerpiece on the middle night, the "Fannish Inquisition," where seated Worldcons and bids for future Worldcons make presentations and take questions. Generally, the groups happening sooner get longer amounts of time, so that the farther into the future your bid is, the less time you get, trailing off primarily to about one minute to announce intent to bid or to plan for a bid in, say, 2023 or so. For the past few years, Lisa and I have, at those SMOFCons we have been able to attend, recorded these presentations and posted them to YouTube or Vimeo. (We weren't in Philadelphia in 2012, and while apparently someone was recording the presentations, it appears the presentations were never posted. This was not within our control.)

SMOFCon 32, December 5-7, 2014, was in Manhattan Beach, California, and Lisa recorded the presentations. Because the Inquisition format is primarily for the benefit of the people attending, not for the recording, there were times where two presentations were recorded on the same file, or a single presentation or Q&A session was split over two files due to Lisa not getting sufficient cue information. Therefore, we needed some time to edit the videos to split or join them as needed.

This afternoon, I finally got the last of the twenty videos uploaded, and put them all into a single YouTube Playlist of the 2014 Fannish Inquisition, so you can either watch all twenty of them in approximately the order they happened (with some but not all of the fumbling with tech between presentations mercifully omitted), or pick and choose those presentations in which you are interested.

Note that this is a public post. These videos are all creative-commons licensed, and you're welcome to point them out to anyone else as you wish. You don't need our permission to redistribute them. We do this as a service to fandom so that people interested in what the current Worldcons and bids for future Worldcons are saying to fellow conrunners.

Also note that, while bids for future SMOFCons were presented (and voted on) prior to the Worldcon presentations, we did not record them.
Snow Day

How Cold Was It?

The weather has been cloudless and clear for the last couple of nights. The temperatures have almost never been above freezing. Now I know some of you live in places colder than me, and I sympathize, but here at Fernley House, when the outside temperatures drop below -10°C, it becomes a losing battle to keep at least the living room comfortably warm. Even with the fireplace at full tilt, the temperatures start to fall. This morning, it being a holiday, I did not have to get up early, but eventually I had to get up because I couldn't stay warm in bed. I put on multiple layers of clothing and stoked the fireplace up to its maximum heat output (above 1800°F you have to damp it back), and even then I was cold, particularly on my head. I had to resort to the heavy head artillery.

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This afternoon the temps briefly poked above freezing, and we hitched up the utility trailer and went to Big R and bought another pallet of Douglas Fir firewood. I've been burning it freely, and having another pallet is reassuring on these cold winter nights.