January 19th, 2015


Extended Tourism Commercial

It's Australian Open time again, which is the Tennis grand slam whose matches happen at times actually convenient for me to watch, with the day sessions starting at 4 PM Pacific and the night sessions available on replay when I get up in the morning. I can run the night session replay as background on my other monitor while working. And working I was today. Other people get today as a holiday, but my company does not do so, and I was beavering away on a database project that had to be done by 2 PM. (I did make it.)

The Aussie Open is of course an ongoing commercial for Tourism Melbourne, with lots of lovely shots of the city. Not that I need encouragement to visit Australia again. I just need the money and time. Still, I can dream and put in my entries for the Tennis Channel contest that includes round-trip airfare for two to Melbourne, four days hotel accommodation in the Melbourne area, and admission to the first two days of the tournament next year. Hey, someone has to win!