January 24th, 2015



Last night, Lisa and I drove south of Fernley in an attempt to find a dark and clear area to see if we could see Comet Lovejoy, taking our binoculars with us. Although it's not Reno, Fernley has too much light pollution for this kind of sky-watching. We did find a place about two-third of the way to Silver Springs where we could pull off of US-95A; however, cars coming along every three or four minutes made this less than ideal. Still, once the moon set, we had some windows of opportunity, particularly if we looked away from the road as cars went by. We think we were able to see a fuzzy spot (as opposed to hard points of light of the surrounding stars), but not a tail, using our binoculars.

I expect that the Tonopah Star Trails walk at new moon a few days ago was more interesting than usual, what with the comet being near its peak visibility.

Canals and Wild Horses

Lisa and I went to Reno this morning and had brunch at the Atlantis, then did some grocery shopping. As usual, being full of buffet restrained us from over-buying from the grocery store.

On the way home, we impulsively decided to explore an exit off I-80 west of Fernley to see where the road goes. Where Exit 40/Painted Rock Road goes is to a road running along the bank of the Truckee Canal, and we followed it out to where it petered out at a locked gate before making our way back toward home. Partway back, Lisa noticed a photographic opportunity on the hillside overlooking the canal.

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After our brief horse encounter, we headed home, where Lisa helped prep the Rolling Stone for my trip back to the Bay Area tomorrow.
Hugo Logo

Hugo Nominating Nights Jan 26, Feb 2, and Feb 9

I've updated the BASFA web page to include that we'll be discussing recommendations for the 2015 Hugo Awards on the nights of January 26, February 2, and February 9. I'll be there on January 26 but then will be out of town the following three weeks. When I get back, I'll collect the results and collate them for posting to the LiveJournal Hugo Recommendations group. Don't worry, you'll still have time to cast your Hugo Nominating Ballot before the March 10 deadline.

Anyone at the meeting can make recommendations. You have to be a member of the 2014, 2015, or 2016 Worldcon by the end of January in order to nominate on the actual ballot. You do not have to attend Worldcon to nominate or vote on the Hugo Awards; you need only have a supporting membership.