February 1st, 2015


Sportsball Sunday

I started my Sportsball Sunday by watching the Australian Open men's tennis final on delay from Australia. (I was far too exhausted and sick to get up at 12:30 AM to watch it live. The replay concluded conveniently in time for the live-streaming coverage of the Super Bowl. (Lisa said she wouldn't have minded my going somewhere to watch it if necessary, but it was available online.) Both games had more on the line for me than usual, as I had decided to put down small bets on them when we were at the Atlantis on Saturday.

I won one bet and lost the other. Unfortunately, the win on one bet didn't cover the loss on the other, but it's still better than having nothing left over. I burned the losing ticket (might as well get some use out of it) and will cash the winner when we go back into Reno later this week.

I'm not as sick as I was last night, but I'm still not 100%. Being able to sit and do very little today was very helpful. I prepared a self-consciously Man Cave spread for the game: pickled eggs, cocktail wieners, sliced cheese, pickles, salami, and crackers. After the game, Lisa came in and said, "Well, after your Big Game Feast, what would you like for dinner: Pepto-Bismoll or Tums?"