February 9th, 2015


I'm In Hot Water (And That's a Good Thing!)

I didn't write about it last week because I didn't want to jinx it, but as of last Wednesday evening, we finally have a working water heater in Fernley House, for the first time since we moved here in September 2011.

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Finally, all of the pieces started coming together last week. Lisa started finishing the wiring and built the little platform on which the water heater sits. Steve-the-Plumber spent much of Tuesday and Wednesday working with Lisa to install and connect the water heater and get it connected to both the ground floor bathrooms.

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People who saw that we had only a 30 gallon hot water heater with only a 3000W heating element kept telling us that we'd certainly run out of hot water right away. That might be so if we had a big family, but there is just the two of us here (travelswithkuma's annual bath hardly counts), and we've been used to living with only the six gallons of hot water in the travel trailer's tank, so we don't anticipate any significant problems.

The hot water is connected to both ground floor bathrooms and to the washing machine, but not to the kitchen yet, and none of the upstairs plumbing works; it's been shot from the beginning and is a long-term project for correction someday. The kitchen (including the dishwasher) is somewhat higher priority, but is waiting for Lisa to pick out the new kitchen sink and fixtures she wants.

On Thursday morning, I finally got to take a shower in my own home instead of having to use the tiny shower in the travel trailer. It's not been a huge hardship (as I was very used to living in the travel trailer with Lisa in Oregon for years), but it's still nice to be able to have the shower and hot water working in the house.