March 6th, 2015


Dollar Done?

As of the Friday evening of the week when construction started on the new dollar store, it appears to be finished on the outside. We didn't have a chance to take a photo yesterday because we went to Reno, but this evening we were walking to the Black Bear Diner to partake in their all-you-can-eat fish dinner and got a shot of how it looks today.

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When we got to the Black Bear, we were doubly disappointed. First, the place was packed with a long wait. Second, the all-you-can-eat fish was off due to lack of fish. We went into the adjacent casino and played for a while, coming out $0.90 ahead, which doesn't sound so great until you realize that at one point we were $10 down, so when a big win put Lisa back over her initial stake, she quit while she was ahead. The queue at the Bear having grown no shorter, we walked back downtown and got take-out burritos from Jehova es Mi Pastor instead. Despite having called ahead, we had to wait, because Fernley's best (in our opinion) Mexican restaurant (and there are four of them here, all within three blocks of each other) was backed up with orders. But the burritos were worth the wait.