March 9th, 2015


Roof Roof

Work on the new dollar store downtown went on through the weekend.

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They're making good use of the pleasant weather to get the roof done. This work would be a lot harder in the broiling heat of summer or during the bitter cold we've had in the past.
Beware of Trains

The Good Kind of Black Widow

This afternoon, not long after the eastbound Amtrak went through, I heard them calling signals to meet another train at Darwin (the next siding east of Fernley). Not long after that, I heard the BNSF local (sitting in the "house track" waiting for traffic to clear so that they could go home to Sparks) call out "hot main Fernley" and I went out to take a look. I spotted that the lead unit on the westbound stack train was out of the ordinary and managed to whip out my camera phone and activate it in time to take a picture of a singular locomotive.

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I'm amazed that I managed to get this shot off at all, and pleased to see the SP heritage unit running on "home rails."