March 28th, 2015


Trip Planning

There is an "all-hands" committee meeting for the Spokane Worldcon coming up the last weekend of May, and the Sea-Pac amateur radio convention in Seaside, Oregon is the following weekend. Lisa and I used to go to Seaside every year when she lived in Oregon, but have not been back since then. Every time we went, we talked of renting a vacation condo or cottage for a week. Well, now we have the chance. I'll have to work remotely on some of the days of the trip to preserve time-off days, but it looks like we can swing it.

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All of the hotel rooms along the way are booked. I spoke to the vacation-rental place this morning and reserved this unit for a week. The original plan was for six nights, but if you take six nights the seventh is free, so I reckon we'll take the free night. (The only complexity here is that my original time-off request is already approved for Monday-Tuesday; however, my manager is likely to agree that I'll take it Tuesday-Wednesday instead without having to go through the hassle of canceling the first request and issuing a second.) I'll have to work remotely on four of the seven days we're there, but I don't plan to work excessively long hours. Also, at that time of the year, the days last a long time, so we'll still have lots of time to enjoy ourselves. Also, we'll get to both explore some places we've never been and also visit some favored Oregon locations. We're already planning for breakfast at Bob's Red Mill and dinner at Camp 18, and probably popping up to Long Beach to hit the pinball palace there.

I'm looking forward to this.