March 31st, 2015


Dollar For My Thoughts

It's been a few days since I last updated construction progress on the new dollar store, so here are some more photos taken over the past few days on my daily walk to the post office.

Collapse )

If you're really interested in more of this, I've filed the construction photos in the sequence taken (newest first) in their own Flickr album.
Business Meeting

If You're Planning on Proposing WSFS Business...

Read the 2015 Worldcon's Guide to the WSFS Business Meeting first, then contact this year's Business Meeting head-table staff to discuss your proposal so we can help you get it cast in the proper form and iron out inconsistencies. We may also put you in contact with anyone already working on similar proposals. That way we may be able to minimize conflicting proposals that have to be resolved at the Preliminary Business Meeting.

From the amount of grumbling that I hear — and I'm not even paying terribly close attention or chasing all comments, particularly as I can see that things like rules and facts about how the rules work aren't welcome in all venues — here may be quite a bit of business to discuss this year in Spokane.