April 5th, 2015

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Total hits yesterday on the Hugo Awards web site: 27,140. Not quite a record, but large, and not evenly spaced. Traffic now falling off sort of pointing back to normal usage levels, but we'll see what happens on Monday when some of the mainstream news sites may pick it up as they have in the past.
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About Voting No Award

I've been asked once again to explain how No Award works in the Hugo Awards.

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  1. If you dislike everything on the ballot equally, vote No Award 1 and leave the rest blank.

  2. If you like some and dislike everything else equally, rank your favorites in preference order, then No Award, then leave the rest blank.

  3. If you like some candidates, dislike the others, but want to influence the relative placement of the works you dislike, then mark the candidates you like, then No Award, then the ones you dislike.

I really hope this helps. I see so much nonsense posted about No Award and people trying to tease out some sort of Hidden Meaning from the rules, when in fact WSFS doesn't hide elephants in mouseholes.

If you still have questions, post them here and I'll try to answer them.
Kreegah Bundalo

Waved Off

I guess I should have titled this "The Hugo Nominations Make Me Sick," but that would be taken wrong.

I have developed a growing cold that is getting worse, not better. Besides not wanting to infect my co-workers, there is the matter of a welcome late season snowstorm over Donner Summit predicted to drop at least 20 cm of snow today. These things combined to make me decide to cancel driving to the Bay Area today to spend next week working at my office there. In order to maintain the correct balance of days down there, I will rearrange my schedule and travel to Fremont a week from today.